By Ben Sin
December 30, 2013

So the Brooklyn Nets season has been an unequivocal disaster: their 10-20 record despite $180 million payroll, the demoting/firing of assistant coach Lawrence Frank, the rash of goes on and on.

But Andray Blatche is finding a bright spot for the Nets -- the digital Nets, that is. In the above video, Blatche is seen going buckwild as his digital self hits a clutch jumper in 2K14. To be fair, that's next-gen 2K14 he's playing, and that game's graphics are so realistic it's easy to get caught up into thinking it's a real game.

On a (perhaps) unrelated note: coach Jason Kidd announced over the weekend that Blatche will miss the Net's next four games due to "personal reasons".

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