By Chris Mascaro
May 21, 2014

Before we get started, the audio in this video is by no means safe for work. Although it is bleeped out, so you know what? Have at it...

La Marida High's baseball coach, Kim Brooks, needs heart from his boys to win. They aren't the most talented, they aren't the biggest, they aren't the fastest.

To win, they need heart. Miles and miles of heart.

Why couldn't Brooks just say it like that?

Instead, Brooks went off on a 17-minute tirade in which he cursed at his team for what he deemed to be dogging it because they were playing during a school break.

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The district has placed Brooks on administrative leave and the coach has apologized, but wouldn't you think that one simple thing could have solved this?

What, you ask? Easy, having Rod Tidwell on the team.


Larry Brown Sports via Deadspin

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