By Dan Gartland
June 20, 2014

Jose Canseco has embarked on international bus tour as he attempts to break the world records for longest softball and baseball home run. Whether, just weeks shy of his 50th birthday, he’ll be able to succeed remains to be seen. Luckily, you can follow his trip step-by-step, because in typical Canseco fashion, he’s live-tweeting the whole saga.

First he shared a few pictures of his Breaking Bad-esque RV which he’ll be using:

It would appear things went badly right from the start: 

More problems arose when he tried to cross into the Great White North in his Breaking Bad-esque RV:

But after making it across the border, the former Toronto Blue Jay took a moment to praise our neighbors to the north:

He’s right. Poutine is delicious.

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