By Chris Johnson
July 10, 2014

Brazil fans needed something to cheer them up after watching their team get bludgeoned in a 7-1 World Cup semifinal loss to Germany.

Thankfully, they had Pharrell's "Happy" to wash away their sorrow.

The song soared up Spotify's charts after the game, according to a spokesperson who talked to Yahoo Tech.

“Comparing the top tracks in Brazil before and after … the two versions of Pharrell’s “Happy” jump from #21 and #27 to #10 and #13 — sounds like they needed some cheering up!”

The emotional message conveyed in "Happy" is so strong that Pharrell himself cried while listening to it on live television. But it seems unlikely that the song did much to improve Brazil fans' morale.

They're going to remember the loss to Germany for a long, long time.

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