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By Extra Mustard
July 14, 2014

At only 5-foot-9, Wes Welker is a normal-sized person, so when he travels to faraway places, people might not realize who he is. At Saturday's July Cup horse race in Newmarket, England, he looked just like any other horse owner in a nice suit. 

"It's nice to just go to the betting window and not have to worry about taking selfies with people," Welker told the BBC.

Welker was there with the horse he owns, Undrafted, which won the Jaipur Invitational at Belmont in June. Undrafted was listed at 25-1 odds and finished out of the money in Saturday's race, in fourth place. 

It's funny that Welker mentions the betting window. At the Kentucky Derby in June, a tote error resulted in him receiving $14,000 he shouldn't have. Churchill Downs initially asked for the money back, but later told Welker he could keep it. If that was me, I'd try to press my luck again. 

- Dan Gartland

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