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UCLA's Pauley Pavilion, Drake Field flooded after massive water main break

Water from a broken main near UCLA’s campus on Sunset Boulevard Tuesday afternoon fractured street pavement, breached campus and damaged several athletic facilities including Pauley Pavilion and Drake Field.

Water from a broken main on Sunset Boulevard near UCLA’s campus Tuesday punctured street pavement, breached campus and flooded various athletic facilities causing untold damage.

The massive geyser has been shooting skyward for upward of 90 minutes and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power employees have not yet been able to shut off the water. Fire officials were inside Pauley Pavilion Tuesday afternoon and Andrew Erickson, editor of the campus newspaper The Daily Bruin, said several inches of water were visible inside the basketball arena. LADWP has not yet determined the cause of the break.

ABC7 reported Elvin Drake Stadium was the first major facility to take on significant amounts of water. Aerial views showed Tuesday afternoon what appeared to be several inches of dirty water on the stadium's track-and-field surface. Soon after, the water reached Pauley Pavilion, the school’s basketball arena. News crews captured several aerial shots of water cascading down Pauley's stairs.

Yahoo Sports Producer Kari Van Horn tweeted images purporting the stadium's locker room had flooded.

The Pavilion underwent a $136 million renovation completed in 2012. It was unclear Tuesday evening what the extent of the damage inside the Pavilion was.

The water main break comes just hours after the state of California implemented emergency water-conservation measures.

Not everyone lamented the flood, though. One shirtless bro readied himself to surf down the stairs, because California.

ABC7 bro

- Will Green