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Big Knockout Boxing held its debut event over the weekend and delivered on its promise of more action and big KOs with Gabriel Rosado grabbing a sixth-round knockout over Bryan Vera.

By Extra Mustard
August 18, 2014

A new boxing promotion is hoping to increase the sports fanbase by creating more knockout opportunities with some new rules and a smaller, rope-free ring.

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Big Knockout Boxing held its first event over the weekend with Gabriel Rosado taking on Bryan Vera in a ring with a 17-foot diameter and no ropes. The fighters are penalized one point for intentionally stepping into the raised "safety zone" that surrounds the ring.

Rosado took advantage of the two-minute rounds, pressing Vera into action from the opening bell and was rewarded with a sixth-round KO when Vera could not get his legs back underneath him, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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The creators of Big Knockout Boxing say their sport is actually safer than traditional boxing, as there are no ropes or corners for fighters to get trapped in.

On the danger scale, BKB goes higher than traditional boxing, but below team MMA.

-Brendan Maloy

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