Monday's P.M. Hot Clicks: Major League Baseball Playoffs

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What's up everybody? Pete Blackburn back once again to help you power your way through this Monday afternoon while Andy's away. Feel free to find me on Twitter (@PeteBlackburn) because, after all, we're in this together.

Celebrating Into October


Major League Baseball's regular season wrapped up last weekend, meaning there were spots to be won for this week's playoffs. The Athletics secured one for Tuesday's Wild Card play-in game, which allowed Josh Reddick to put on his favorite pair of superhero underwear and flash us body parts we never asked to see [kind of NSFW]. The St. Louis Cardinals showed way more... dare I say, CLASS... during their celebration by refusing to jump in Chase Field's pool out of respect to former manager Tony LaRussa. The White Sox didn't have a season worth celebrating, but Paul Konerko was honored as he played in the final game of his great career. The veteran first baseman got a statue, thanked fans with a fantastic video and wrote the names of his family in the dirt before heading off the field for the final time. If you're looking for a playoff team to root for, this should come in handy. And here's some thoughtful analysis on each of the 10 teams in this year's field.

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Speaking of Celebrations

Team Europe defeated the Americans for their third straight Ryder Cup last weekend. Welshman Jamie Donaldson was able to seal the victory for the Europeans with this beautiful shot, then rode Thomas Bjorn into the post-tournament presser before partying like a mad man with the rest of his teammates. Donaldson partied so hard, in fact, that he was still drunk during a TV interview Monday morning. Judging from the picture Rory McIlroy uploaded, I wouldn't be surprised if he were still feeling the aftermath well into Monday afternoon.

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The Curious Case of LeBron's Hairline

Just a few weeks after sporting what looked to be a healthy new head of hair, LeBron James is bald again.

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Anastasia Ashley's MNF Prediction

Anastasia Ashley MNF pick
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Lovely Lady of the Day

Hot Clicks' appreciation of Derek Jeter WAGs is still going strong, and this afternoon's edition honors Jessica Biel. The gorgeous Hollywood actress dated the now former Yankees shortstop (man, that's weird to say) before moving on to -- and eventually marrying -- Justin Timberlake. Not too shabby. (Click here for the full-size gallery.)

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Photo of the Weekend

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Odds and Ends

Snoop Dogg is very, very fed up with the Pittsburgh Steelers...Falcons coach Mike Smith was caught knuckles-deep in pursuit of a booger this weekend...The 15 longest home runs of this past MLB season...The Cowboys stopped an awful Saints fake punt with only 10 defenders on the field...The Barclays Center hosted its first Islanders game to generally positive reviews, but it definitely wasn't built with hockey in mind...Derek Jeter's tenure with the Yankees in one GIF...The Orlando Magic unveiled gray, pinstriped short-sleeved uniforms...A CFL interview was interrupted with a great bout of trash talk..."Draking" is a hilarious new trend taking over Toronto.

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Brawl of the Weekend

This nasty fan brawl broke out during the Syracuse-Notre Dame game over the weekend. Keep an eye on the guy in the navy blue shirt on the right-hand side around the :40 second mark.

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Insult to Injury

It's one thing to let up an own-goal, but letting one up after taking a rocket off the face would be enough to make me quit sports forever.

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X-Games Here We Come

The only thing I love more than the outcome of this video is the commentary that accompanies it.

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