By Pete Blackburn
October 17, 2014

Hey friends, Pete Blackburn back with you to serve up some of the Internet's hottest links today. Andy is feeling a bit under the weather (or he just wanted another long weekend), but he'll be back in all his greatness on Monday. In the meantime, feel free to shoot any comments or tips my way on Twitter @PeteBlackburn.

The Fall Classic Is Set

Brad Mangin/SI

The Giants eliminated the St. Louis Cardinals and won their third National League pennant in five years last night thanks to a walk-off blast off the bat of Travis Ishikawa in San Francisco. Ishikawa's ninth-inning heroics prompted a handful of pretty great TV & radio play-by-play calls (including this one on FOX Deportes) but none better than Joe Buck's fantastic throwback. As expected, the after-party was pretty wild and Madison Bumgarner once again outdid himself by drinking SIX beers at once. His liver could be in trouble if the Giants take down the Royals.

What A Jerk

Bruins forward Milan Lucic responded to heckling Canadiens fans with quite the obscene gesture from the penalty box last night in Montreal. At least we now know who this kid's favorite pro is.

Thursday Night "Rivarly"

We finally got an entertaining Thursday Night Football matchup last night between the Patriots and Jets in New England. The Patriots came out on top, which we probably should have seen coming considering the Jets couldn't even win a spelling bee right now. Both starting quarterbacks provided some hilarious highlights - Tom Brady was caught executing an all-time flop, and Geno Smith absolutely demolished a poor lady minding her own business on the sidelines.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Meet Michelle Manzione, a grad student at Florida who is getting her masters in mass communications and one of the few proud Florida Panther fans. Follow her on Instagram and click here for the full-size gallery.

NHL's Hottest WAGs

Hockey season is officially underway so check out the most beautiful WAGS on each NHL team.

Victor Cruz Checks In



Thank you to everyone who has shown me so much love during this time. I'll be back in no time and stronger than ever! I've always been one to overcome adversity, so to everyone out there who is going through a minor set back don't give up! Use this time to be better and push yourself to do things you've never done before. I won't be on the field out there playing but I'll still be around for my team mates, as their captain. I'm dedicated to our community and I'm still going to be at HalloweenLand on 10/25 @ Basketball City and I hope you all can come so I can see all of the people who are routing for me. It's your love and support that keeps me going! #BigBlue4ever

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Well, This Is Weird

Odds & Ends

Tom Brady posted a goofy photo to Facebook after last night's victory...Two Arizona radio hosts nearly fought each other on-air over an argument about the Raiders' brand power...MMA fighter 'War Machine' reportedly tried to commit suicide in jail...the Chicago Cubs have begun demolishing Wrigley Field's bleachers...The rest of Austin Pettis' Mighty Ducks tattoo has been revealed...Brian Hoyer's jersey is outselling Johnny Manziel's...Another idiot sports fan with a laser pointer...Utah Jazz coach Quin Snyder is terrifying...the cast of 'The Wire' reunited and held a Q&A.

Katie Nolan Calls Out Bumgarner

Not impressed with MadBum's postseason chug sessions, Nolan decided to show him how it's done...kind of.

This Is Why Slo-Mo Was Invented

I feel kind of bad for laughing so hard at this but it's just too perfect.

This Dog Is A Total Badass

Not only is Sweets a super cute co-pilot, she also says what's up to other riders as they pass. What a badass.

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