By Andy Gray
December 09, 2014

Worst Mascot Ever

Not sure if Indianapolis Colts mascot Blue was having a bad day, girl problems or some other personal issue, but he did not bring his A-game to the Minnesota Vikings' annual Mascot Challenge. The event is supposed to be a light-hearted football game between mascots and children, but Blue went all Peyton Manning on SNL, pushing kids during a dead ball, over-celebrating after a sack and being a general nuisance. 

$50,000 Boxing Shorts 

Amir Khan is set to fight Devon Alexander in Las Vegas on Saturday, and he will do so in $50,000 shorts made of white nappa leather with crocodile trim and 24-carat gold threads woven through his waistband.

Jay Glazer vs. ESPN

Johnny Manziel will start at quarterback for the Browns on Sunday, but just as interesting is the battle between ESPN and Jay Glazer over who should take credit for the story. Glazer, a vocal critic of the worldwide leader, claims the "lying bastards" at ESPN took his scoop and didn't give him credit. Kenny Mayne then took a subtle shot at Glazer while reporting the story on SportsCenter.

Lovely Lady of the Day

The annual Victoria's Secret show aired last night (here are all the GIFs) and Shanina Shaik caught my eye. She earns today's LLOD honors (click here for full-size gallery).

Public Service Announcement Regarding Ketchup Cups

Nothing to do with sports but you know those little white ketchup cups they have at McDonald's and other fine-dining establishments? I learned yesterday (via this two-year-old story that popped up in my Facebook feed) that the tops are built to expand and increase in size for adequate dipping. The more you know. 

Dennis Rodman Unplugged

Five-time NBA champion Dennis Rodman has been making the media rounds in New York this week and had some interesting things to say about Warriors coach (and former teammate) Steve Kerr and about Phil Jackson's performance as head honcho with the Knicks. He also spoke out about the activism of NBA players after Ferguson and North Korea.

J.J. Watt Coming to South Park

Johnny Football Turns 23

Meet Love Angry Michigan Girl

Tony Allen Dance Party

Odds & Ends

Bo Jackson will be a playable character in Madden ... Classy moment in Montreal as a fan snagged a souvenir puck that went out of play and gave it to Jean Beliveau's widow ... Former NFL running back Willis McGahee is trying out for the National Rugby Football League ... Enjoyed this video of a Cavs fan getting snubbed on a high five by LeBron ... This video of the Sharks fist-bumping a baby T-rex is pretty good, too ... Cam Newton's car accident is front-page news in today's Charlotte Observer ... Elf is being made into an hour-long claymation special for NBC ... The top 10 photos of 2014.

Madison Bumgarner Accepts Sportsman of the Year Award

I attended last night's Sportsman of the Year ceremony and can't say enough good things about Madison Bumgarner's speech. It was short (always a plus), humble and honest. I didn't have much of a feeling on Bumgarner, positive or negative, before the event but now I am a big fan.

Bill Clinton Praises Madison Bumgarner

The former president also spoke at last night's ceremony.

Poor Hooper

Robin Lopez takes out another mascot.

Cubs Win 2015 World Series!

After the Cubs' acquisition of Jon Lester, this scene from Back to the Future Part II seems as relevant as ever. (H/T Big League Stew)

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