By Andy Gray
January 08, 2015

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It's Getting Ugly in New York 

Knicks Fans :: AP

The Knicks took their talents to TNT last night and lost their 14th straight game, in front of a national audience. Embarrassed fans wore paper bags over their heads and one person even drank beer through a straw. If you weren't sure whether Derek Fisher is in over his head, this motivational speech during an early-game timeout should convince you. On the bright side, the Hornets are in town Saturday afternoon, which means a visit from Laken Micheè, my favorite NBA cheerleader.

What are the Chances?

NFL agent David Mulugheta and his wife were driving a rental car when she happened to look under the seat and discovered a Super Bowl ring. The ring belongs to Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman, who is a teammate of Mulugheta's client Earl Thomas. The ring is now back in Coleman's possession and I'm still trying to figure out the odds of an NFL agent renting the same exact car as an NFL player.

Paging All Lawyers

I have two cases that need your attention. The first occurred in Dallas on Sunday when a 10-year-old named Roman won a game of musical chairs on a stage outside Cowboys Stadium. The prize was a PS4 Madden game, but when the MC noticed Roman in a Lions jersey, she asked for a re-do and then gave Roman a Batman DVD and gave the winner of the re-do the Madden game. The second occurred at a NBA D-League game in Idaho, where a fan had to hit a layup, free throw, three-pointer and half-court shot in 30 seconds to win a $25,000 tractor. The team decided to turn off the  clock above the backboard, leaving the fan with no clue how much time was left. He buried all four shots and the place went crazy, but it turned out he converted the final shot a second too late and he was denied his tractor. 

Lovely Lady of the Day

Photographer Gary Westby was kind enough to send along some photos of Portuguese model Constance Nunes. She is (as her Facebook profile indicates) "Professionally really really good looking" (click here for full-size gallery). 

Sherlock Holmes' Brother Mycroft

Didn't know Sherlock Holmes had a brother? Didn't care Sherlock Holmes had a brother? Kareem-Abdul Jabbar knows and cares so much that he wrote a novel, Mycroft Holmes, which will be published this fall by Titan Books.

Be A Good Person Friday

It's really, really, really cold out these days and chances are you got a new coat to deal with the frigid weather. If so, how about donating your old coat to the One Warm Coat charity, which helps distribute the coats to people in need. There are drop-off points just about everywhere (use this tool to find the one closest to you) or you can give them a few dollars. I know everyone likes to have a backup winter coat, but if you have a backup for your backup, do the right thing and give it to someone in need.

Packed House in Raleigh

Steph Curry Gets His Own Shoe

Yasiel Puig Channels Bart Simpson


I will not be a distraction #lmao #iwillnotbeadistraction

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Jack Nicklaus' First Paycheck

From the SI Vault

George Brett :: SI

Former U.S. president Richard Nixon was born on this day in 1913. If there's ever a time to bust out this 1976 photo of George Brett in a Nixon mask, it's today. Follow the SI Vault on Twitter for more presidential-themed sports photos.

Odds & Ends

SI's Tom Verducci was named National Sportswriter of the Year. Here are six of his best stories ... This Rob Konrad story is amazing ... Raptors announcer Matt Devlin really wants Kyle Lowry in the All-Star Game ... Some minor issues with the scoreboard during last night's Rangers-Kings game ... The Cowboys' 'Ask Orlando Scandrick' Twitter takeover did not go well ... Nicolas Batum paid tribute to victims of the Paris terror attacks with a 'Je Suis Charlie' T-shirt ... Forget the Puppy Bowl. It's all about The Fish Bowl ... The 100 best books for young adults ... The dumbest internet products of all time.

Spurs Special Forces

If you ever wanted an A-Team-inspired show featuring animated members of the Spurs, you're in luck. This is tremendous. (H/T Kelly Dwyer)


Highly-touted basketball recruit Carlton Bragg announces his decision to attend Kansas by accidentally saying Kentucky instead.


Funny or Die: Chris Bosh

The Heat center stars in Tall Justice 2. I vote funny.

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