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Concession Food Item of the Week: The Bam Bam Kam Turkey Leg

In what came as a complete surprise to no one, the Seattle Seahawks beat the Carolina Panthers last week. But just because you knew what was going to happen doesn't mean it's not cause for celebration. Get pumped up on that Seahawks win with their new concession item.

WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT?: The Bam Bam Kam Turkey Leg

WHO HATH WROUGHT THIS MONTROSITY?: CenturyLink Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks

WHAT COMPRISES SUCH A THING?: A colossal turkey leg branded with a #31 in salute to the Seahawks All-Pro strong safety Kam Chancellor.

LIKE WHAT YOU GET AT THE RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL?: Yeah, but you don't have to dress up in a stupid costume. Uh... unless you want to.

Seahawks face paint guy.jpg


HOW MANY CALORIES WE TALKIN'?: Only about 500! And it's all lean protein!

WHAT IF I GET A HAWK DOG ON THE SIDE?: Well... then it's substantially more.

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