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Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks: Scenes From Super Bowl Media Day

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Scenes From Super Bowl Media Day

Super Bowl Media Day :: Getty Images

Super Bowl Media Day :: Getty Images

I think our old friend Jimmy best summed up yesterday's Media Day, but here are some highlights if you missed the action: Marshawn Lynch didn't speak and his fellow NFL players loved it ... Bill Belichick showed he would've made a great father and revealed the last three movies he's watched ... Russell Wilsonused a selfie stick ... Michael Bennettdiscussed his sex life ... Rob Gronkowski read Rob Gronkowski erotica and made a play for Katy Perry ... Richard Sherman had his headphone confiscated ... Bryan Stork was full of eloquent and expansive answers.

About that Seahawks SI Cover

This week's SI cover features Seattle's Legion of Boom out of uniform and ready for a night on the town. The internet made jokes. Most were pretty funny.

Steven Adams Has a Prom Date

Thunder center Steven Adams became the latest celebrity to score a prom date. A law student named Lo (I don't know what school) asked the Thunder center if he'd take her to law school prom (yes, this is a thing) if her tweet got 1,000 retweets. She hit her mark but so far no word from Adams. 

Lovely Lady of the Day

Sierra Rene is a model who should be on your radar. She earns today's LLOD honors (click here for full-size gallery).

Quick Marshawn Lynch Story

At this time last year, Marshawn Lynch was still stonewalling most of the media but one intrepid reporter was able to get an interview ... and that was me. Actually, it was total luck. Skittles had just partnered with Lynch to promote his foundation and he agreed to do one interview. I had a relationship with Skittles through some Hot Clicks giveaways so they chose me. Anyhow, Lynch couldn't have been cooler. He even cracked some jokes and laughed at mine (obviously). This is the Q&A of the interview. It's not the most hard-hitting piece in the world but at least he spoke.

Good Deed of the Day

There have been roughly 456,000 stories the past week about the pressure of a football, which is 455,990 too many. Here's a positive story to counterbalance all that hot air (pun intended). 

Poor Sidney Crosby

The Penguins can't even spell his name right in their game program.

Please Tell Me This Leads to a Fight

Troll. Troll. Troll.

One Way to Survive a Storm

Happy 66th Birthday, Pop

Stephen Curry Can Pass, Too

Odds & Ends

I can't believe GoDaddy was going to run this ad in the Super Bowl. I'm glad the company realized how bad a decision that would've been ... Julian Edelman and Shane Vereen teamed up to make a best friend smoothie ...  Matt Barnes is not happy about all his fines ... This puck-stealer is facing 30 years in prison ... Super Bowl commercial prop bets ... Ryan Braun was the hit of this woman's wedding ... Two NBA D-League teammates were ejected for fighting each other ... Celebrities who played football ... Aziz Ansari is now appearing on Chipotle paper cups and bags ... Americans could spend $703 million on their pets this Valentine's Day. 

Anthony Davis is The Special Man

Buy your Pelicans tickets today! (H/T Uproxx)

Beat Brady

If you like Sam Smith, you'll love this tune.

The Greek Freak Can Dunk

Milwaukee's Giannis Antetokounmpo, Minnesota's Zach Lavine, Orlando's Victor Oladipo and Brooklyn's Mason Plumlee will compete in this year's  Slam Dunk Contest.​ My money is on The Greek Freak.


Jimmy McNulty: Hip-Hop Artist

Dominic West, who played Jimmy McNulty in The Wire, shows off his rapping skills (H/T Next Impulse Sports).

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