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Wed. A.M. Hot Clicks: Chelsie Aryn; Italian Catches Eight-Foot Catfish

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Catch of the Day

Courtesy of  Sportex Italia Facebook page

Courtesy of Sportex Italia Facebook page

Don't think I've ever led Hot Clicks with a fishing item but it's not everyday that someone catches a nearly 9-foot, 280-pound catfish. The someone in this instance is Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari and it is believed to be the largest catfish ever caught with a rod and reel. Take that, John Riggins!

Even More Helmet Redesigns

Yesterday, our friends at Deeyung Entertainment showed off their impressive collection of futuristic college football helmets to accompany the NFL ones they pushed out the week before. I loved all those but I'm more into this batch of alternate NFL helmets, courtesy of Paul Bunyan Designs. My favorites are the Bears, Raiders and Jaguars.

The $816 Scoop of Ice Cream?

Visit Dubai’s Scoopi Café and order the “Black Diamond.” Priced at $816 per scoop, it's made with exotic Madagascar vanilla, Iranian saffron, black Italian truffle, then topped with 23-karat edible gold. 

Lovely Lady of the Day

Matt from Long Island wrote in to request I check out Jets superfan Chelsie Aryn. I did and I approve (click here for full-size gallery).

The Tuuka Rask Wasp

The Bruins have lost six of their last seven games, are barely holding onto the final spot in the Eastern Conference playoff race and just lost their best player (David Krejci) for four to six weeks, On the bright side, an entomologist from Boston has decided to name a newly discovered species of wasp discovered in East Africa after goalie Tuuka Rask. Meet the Thaumatodryinus tuukkaraski.

2016 Oscars Preview

The Academy Awards hangover is wearing off and I think I've recovered fromIrina Shayk's dress. It's never too early to look at next year's awards, and if there's any justice in the world, Marshawn Lynch will be holding an Oscar for his role in this bizarre and awesome-looking biopic.

Quick Programming Note

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​Quote of the Year

​Nick Saban Will Celebrate From Afar

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OKC Dance Party 

Meet Mrs. Dwayne Wade Mutombo

Odds & Ends

Poor Derrick Rose is injured again and his fellow NBA players sent get-well tweets ... LeBron James dissed McDonald's, realized they were his sponsor and quickly backtracked ... The Rick Carlisle-Rajon Rondo relationship took a bad turn last night ... The best NFL player at every age ... The Bills are trying to trade for Sam Bradford ... Daniel Orton was cut by the Philippine Basketball Assocation's Purefoods Star Hotshots because he said it was a "joke" Manny Pacquiao plays in the league ... Urban Meyer was stranded on a cruise ship with a bunch of Ohio State fans ... Video has been found of Rob Konrad talking to police after his all-night swim to safety ... Jose Canseco painted his pet tortoise. People got upset ... Pee Wee Herman's next movie will air exclusively on Netflix ... The cast of Almost Famous, then and now.

Wisconsin's Biggest Fan

A short recruiting video made by Wisconsin native Chris Farley has been unearthed and it's tremendous.

Bowling a Perfect Game in Two Minutes

This is impressive.

Taekwando's Newest Star

Meet 3-year-old Molly Young. She rocks. (H/T Mashable)

It's Always Sunny Cast Visits Conan

The cast reminisces on the first time it met Danny DeVito. 

Random, Awesome Find on the WWE Network 

I spend way too much time watching the WWE Network, but then you find something like this cheesy Jesse "The Body" Ventura 1985 musical video and it's all worth it.


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