You can now buy an Atlanta Braves Jason Grilli “Grilled Cheese” T-shirt with his number.

By Extra Mustard
June 05, 2015

Following the lead of their National League counterpart Pittsburgh Pirates, the Atlanta Braves have taken Jason Grilli's nickname to a whole new level with custom T-shirts.

Grilli's last name sort-of sounds like grilled cheese, maybe, and the name has stuck with the pitcher, who even uses the Twitter handle @GrillCheese49.

Last year, the Pirates sold special “Grilled Cheese” T-shirts that had Grilli's number, though he ended up being traded in June. Now that he is in Atlanta, the Braves are trying their hand at their own.

You can buy your own “Grilled Cheese” Braves shirt here for a mere $31.99. 

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Twitter reaction to the item was decidedly mixed.

- Molly Geary

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