Florida State fan modifies Google Chrome to use old FSU logo

This creative Florida State fan found a way to bring back the school's old Seminole logo.
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The internet is a powerful tool, especially within the right hands. And by using Google Chrome to his advantage, one creative Florida State fan found a way to turn back the block and recover the school's classic logo.

Florida State switched logos to a more streamlined, but similar-looking Seminole logo in 2014. The new logo was designed by Nike and replaced the school's longtime, old-school looking design, and with it came a uniform change, as well.

The fan built a downloadable Googe Chrome browser extension that retrofits a number of websites with the old FSU logo, with Yahoo Sports, ESPN, the Florida State Twitter account among them (nope, not SI.com yet, apparently). The old head apparently replaces the new one in several places on these sites.

So if you're nostalgically inclined or just hate the new-look Seminoles logo, this could be worth looking into for aesthetic value as you catch up on the team.

You can check out the Chrome extension here.

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