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By Andy Gray
October 06, 2015

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America's Next Gridiron Stars

Move over, Riley Curry. You no longer have the best Whip and Nae Nae video. That distinction now goes to a group of 9-year-olds in Milford, Mass., who busted out the dance in the middle of a football game. 

Bye, Bye Yankees

The Yankees (and their $217 million payroll) are done after being eliminated in the playoffs by the Astros ($71 million payroll) 3-0 in the Bronx. Dallas Keuchel (and his glorious  beard) pitched six shutout innings to lead the way. Astros players drank champagne on the Yankee Stadium pitcher's mound, Colby Rasmus partied like he was in a frat house basement and Buster Olney got drenched. And to think people doubted SI when it predicted an Astros World Series victory in 2017.

Victor Cruz's Fiancée Means Business

Victor Cruz hasn't seen the field at all this season, but he's apparently been busy off of it. Cruz’s fiancée reportedly sent a group message to all of the receiver's side women, saying, "I figured since you all know about me, then I should introduce each one of you to each other so we can all know who we have all been f------ for the past several months." 

Lovely Lady of the Day


Got Any Style Questions?

Hot Clicks isn't just a home for random sports links and attractive girls. We're also here to help. With that in mind, I've consulted two experts from Dress for the Day to answer all your style questions. Can I wear these nice sneakers at a formal event? Why should I spend $100 on a dress shirt when they're $20 at Men's Warehouse? Does cocktail attire mean I have to tuck in my shirt? Email any questions you have to and we'll have the experts weigh in.

Kickstarter of the Day

Not sure why this hasn't been invented already, but Skreens allows you to view several different things on your TV screen at once. In other words, you can have a football game taking up 60% of your screen, a baseball game taking up 25% and a live Twitter feed taking up the remaining 15%. It also works for a PS4, XBox, PCs, cable box, Roku, Apple TV and everything in between The kickstarter campaign was launched to raise $25,000 and so far it has received over $275,000. There are no free units to give away via Hot Clicks. I just think the product is that good.

This is Impressive

Love These Angry Lions Fans

Odds & Ends

Stephen Marbury accused Michael Jordan of "robbing the hood" in a great Twitter rant ... It's 2015. How does this Atlanta radio host think it's funny to berate ESPN sideline reporter Jessica Mendoza? ... No one understands what Wayne Rooney is saying ... You'll be hearing a lot about Dallas Kuechel's girlfriend over the next couple weeks ... Security was intense at Yankee Stadium Tuesday night, causing some fans to miss the first two innings ... Rick Ross wants to buy part of the Dolphins ... An oral history of the creation and evolution of Parks and Recreation ... This girl used Facebook to track down a random guy she kissed ... Howard Stern went off on Pink Floyd's Roger Waters ... Sunsets and cardboard are all this artist needs ... First and final frames of your favorite movies ... Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff will tour next summer. I wonder who will be first out of the limo? Does anyone get that reference?

Vince Carter: Getting Older

Father Time is undefeated, as these videos demonstrate.


​J.R. Smith Will Not Give His Sneakers to a Fan of the Other Team

Today in Crazy Pro Wrestling Moves

I Love This Woman

Two frozen pizzas and a dog. What else do you need in life?

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