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It looks like a scene out of Star Wars but it is actually FIFA’s Executive Board Room

By Extra Mustard
December 18, 2015

After a long ten years, there is finally a new Star Wars film in the theaters and lots and lots of people are very excited. 

One of the great joys of the movies is the rich universe created by George Lucas and his collaborators in a galaxy far far away, but there are plenty of things in the world of sport right here on Earth that look like they could easily slip into the films, and Extra Mustard has rounded some of them up.

• Ronda Rousey dressed up as a stormstrooper for Star Wars opening night

FIFA Executive Boardroom

While they are probably not as evil as the Empire, the FIFA Executive boardroom, as captured by photographer Luca Zanier, holds its meetings in a setting befitting the malevolent rulers of the Star Wars galaxy.

Luca Zanier/Corridors of Power

2014 NHL All-Star Jerseys

These gaudy jerseys would be best suited to the maligned prequels, and would definitely be better if they were jettisoned into space.


Frank Gifford’s Cape

You gotta stay warm on the sidelines, and as Darth Vader has taught us, there is no more stylish or villainous way to fight off the chill than a cape.

John G. Zimmerman/Sports Illustrated

Oregon Uniforms

If Stormtrooper University is fielding a football team, one would have to imagine it would look a lot like these all-white Oregon uniforms



You could easily move this event to Hoth. Much harder to train tauntauns than dogs though.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Nike LunarEndor Boots

These boots even share a name with the Ewoks’ home planet Endor.


Marshawn Lynch’s Mask

Marshawn Lynch uses these masks to increase his cardio before games, but it is hard to look at it without playing the Imperial March in your head.

Don Feria/Getty Images
Kenny Ducey, Jeremy Woo & Brendan Maloy

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