Extra Mustard Quiz: Who said it, Cam Newton or Bill Belichick?

Comparing Cam Newton’s Super Bowl press conference with Bill Belicheck’s Deflategate press conference. 
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It seems more people are talking about what Cam Newton did after the Super Bowl than what he did during.

The Panthers quarterback and regular season MVP ~made waves~ after Carolina’s Super Bowl loss when he left his press conference rather quickly. Of course, numerous people have since pointed out Newton is far from the only person to give notably short press conferences in tough moments. 

Are Newton and Patriots coach Bill Belicheck really all that different? We put them both to the test in this Extra Mustard quiz, using quotes from Newton’s Super Bowl presser and Bill Belicheck’s answers while discussing Deflategate for the first time. Without further ado—Who said it: Cam Newton or Bill Belicheck?

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