Thursday's P.M. Hot Clicks: Jessica Biel; Hole-in-one faceoff

Thursday’s P.M. Hot Clicks features a pair of holes-in-one and Jessica Biel as the afternoon's Lovely Lady of the Day.
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Who Did it Better?


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Baseball's Biggest Conspiracy

I know Andy mentioned this in Tuesday’s P.M. Hot Clicks, but we have new information about Hank the dog, who may or may not be dead. 

The saga of the Brewers’ unofficial mascot is the biggest story of spring training. Deadspin and the Washington Post are weighing in today, but it doesn’t seem like we’re any closer to a resolution. 

After issuing a cryptic statement to SB Nation on Tuesday, the team was a little more forthright with Deadspin. 

We’re well aware of the report, and of the apparent dissimilarities in the photos in that specific blog. We’re also looking forward to showing everyone that Hank is, indeed, Hank.

The team has scheduled a press conference for Friday. 

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Another Important Investigation

Is Kendrick Lamar very, very short? Rohan Nadkarni has the scoop

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​Gronk is Joining Nickelodeon?

Rob Gronkowski, who likes to take his shirt off and shake his butt, is hosting a television program for children

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P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day


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Jackie Robinson's Predecessor

This week’s Dead Dead Ball Ballplayer of the Week is Fleet Walker, who was the first black player in major-league history. He also was acquitted of murder.

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Kirk Cousins is Not Elite

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Everyone Loves Dinosaurs

“What they're going to walk themselves into is an assignment or two,” manager A.J. Hinch told ESPN’s Jayson Stark. “When we make the trip to Bradenton, there's an aquarium over there I know about. There are a few landmarks in the travels of the Grapefruit League that we can do like a Grapefruit League travelogue this spring. I'll probably get them an endorsement of some kind.”

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Odds & Ends

I could read Action Bronson interviews all day long, like this one in GQ. ... Get ready for Saturday’s McGregor-Diaz fight with this awesome Conor McGregor pancake. ... Bret Bielema’s got jokes about Bobby Petrino, and Obama’s got jokes for Alabama. ... A-Rod hit a home run on his first swing of the spring. ... Former Mets GM Steve Phillips has an interesting way of describing Nats prospect Lucas Giolito’s curveball. ... SI’s Lee Jenkins had Jamal Crawford on his podcast. ... This is one of the worst own goals you’ll ever see. ... Gallery: The Night in Sports (March 3).

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I'm Worried About Darren Rovell

​First this:

Then this:

Deadspin’s Albert Burneko summed it up best:

Fun fact: Swap out the thumping electronic music for some tinkling piano s--- and this video erases Death of a Salesman from human memory.

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This is a Very Good Michael Jordan Highlight

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Kevin Love Has Never Seen Larry David in His Life

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This Janitor Will Make Your Whole Day Better

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