Spanish soccer team unveils the creepiest jerseys imaginable

Spanish team CD Palencia is rocking some interesting jerseys.
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Palencia is a lower level Spanish league team that is now the proud wearer of, quite frankly, the ugliest jerseys I’ve ever seen.

Under the lights, the jerseys are a florescent pink color, which is fine. What’s not fine? The outline of a shirtless (skinned?) male body that makes up the jersey. Seriously, these jerseys look like something you would find on a poster in your middle school health class. (Shout out Ms. Brooker.)

And let’s discuss the (pink) elephant in the room here: What the heck is going on with the crotch? All of a sudden the jersey goes Ken doll (probably rightfully so) when it gets below the belt.

I would say these players are better off playing without a jersey, but their uniform depicts the naked human body.

Obviously this means we’re all rooting for Zamora to win the Tercera Division Group 8 championship this year.

– Rohan Nadkarni