Thursday’s PM Hot Clicks feature Bryana Holly as the P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day and a video of a Phillies fan smashing his face into a parked car.

By Dan Gartland
June 09, 2016

Wear Shoes Next Time

If you’re going to race in the parking lot after a rainstorm, make sure you have proper traction. Or else you could end up like this guy.  

Hey, It's MLB Draft Time

Even though a bunch of the players that will be taken are still playing in the College World Series, the MLB Draft begins Thursday night. Check out’s mock draft here (if only for names like Forrest Whitley). On a related note, David Roth’s quiz of made-up draft names is one of my favorite things online. 

More Bad News for Manziel

Brendan mentioned in A.M. Clicks that Johnny Manziel’s lawyer thinks he can play this season. Then video surfaced this morning of Manziel being served with legal papers outside a nightclub. The hits keep coming. 

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day


Bieber Brawl

What could Justin Bieber have possibly done to get himself in a fist fight at the Cavs game Wednesday night?

Fire Me Into the Sun

Ever Wonder What Tom Brady is Looking At?

A Reddit user got his hands on Tom Brady’s wristband and FTW has a good look at what it all means


Odds & Ends

Steph Curry’s new shoes are lame, but they’re less lame in this new colorway. ... Some enterprising gamers figured out how to play badminton in Overwatch. ... The Cubs made a good joke about David Ross being old. ... Scotland wants to set a minimum price on cheap booze. ... This guy says the Florida Panthers stole his drawing of their mascot, and I’m inclined to agree. ... Fish can recognize human faces ... Gallery: The Day in Sports (June 9).

I Love This

Deadspin somehow got its hands on some test footage for the upcoming FS1 show in which Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd compete to spew the hottest takes. This is the future of my profession. 

This Fish Will Haunt Your Dreams

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