What will Tim Tebow say at the Republican National Convention?

Extra Mustard’s best guesses at which topics Tim Tebow will discuss at the Republican National Convention.
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After striking out on Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Ditka, the Republican National Convention finally scored its sports celebrity speaker: Tim Tebow.

That’s right, the NFL flameout and Heisman winner will be giving a speech at the RNC, which has become a no-fly zone for some Republicans who refuse to support Donald Trump.

Tebow has said in the past he could see himself pursuing a future in politics, and this looks like his first foray into that world. What might Tebow talk about during the convention? Here’s what we think he could say:

  • “We need to keep tax rates as low as my completion rate.”
  • “I know how you guys feel. I also lost my job during the Obama administration.”
  • “Quarterback lives matter.”
  • “I only go left when I throw footballs.”
  • “I’d say we need to keep our borders secure but I’m still hoping for a shot in the CFL.”
  • “I soured on trade deals after I ended up on the Jets.”
  • “I know a thing or two about winning in Florida. You’re on your own in New York, though.”
  • “At least I lasted longer than Manziel.”
  • “I know you guys are crazy about LeBron, but always remember Jesus Christ is the real savior.”
  • “We will end the War on Christmas.”