Rhyno (aka Terrance Gerin) is running for a seat in Michigan’s House of Representatives. 

By Dan Gartland
August 03, 2016

Donald Trump isn’t the only guy with a professional wresting background running for elected office this year. 

Current WWE wrestler Rhyno won Tuesday’s Republican primary for a seat in the Michigan House of Representativesbeating his closest competitor by just 54 votes. 

“Growing up as a kid in the '80’s, I really looked up to Ronald Reagan,” Rhyno told SI.com in March. “I liked that feeling that you could be anything you wanted to be, and as a kid that really resonated with me.”

Rhyno (real name Terrance Gerin) didn’t ignore his wrestling career in his campaign. The one topic listed on the “Issues” section of his website is the closing of Dearborn’s public pools, which he pledges to fix using a lesson he learned in wrestling. 

One thing I learned early on in wrestling is that you get sponsors. That way your bills are paid before you even sell one ticket. 


And, let's face it,  If you're [sic] kids are swimming at a Little Caesar's sponsored pool and you stop on the way home to get a Hot-n-Ready pizza for dinner, you're going to be the coolest parents ever!

Oh, and his lawn signs have a rhino on them. 

What was Rhyno doing on election night? Appearing live on SmackDown, of course.

Gerin’s district is his hometown of Dearborn, which was won by Democrats in each of the last two elections.  

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