Odell Beckham signed a jersey for a fan

Tom Brady approached Odell Beckham to sign his jersey after the Giants-Patriots preseason game. 
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Odell Beckham took a moment after Thursday’s preseason finale against the Patriots to do something nice for a fan. 

A man in his late 30s approached Beckham after the game and asked for his jersey. Beckham obliged, and even signed the jersey for the admirer. 


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All right, fine. I’m sure Patriots fans will get mad if I keep pretending like Beckham is a bigger star than Tom Brady. 

Beckham and Brady were supposed to swap jerseys after last year’s matchup but Brady said he forgot. Beckham made sure to remind Brady before the game about his debt.

“Any time you get a chance to talk to somebody like that, he’s made the playoffs for a very long time,” Beckham told reporters after the game. “Just kind of messing with him. I asked him if my jersey got lost in the mail; or what was going on with it. He was like, I got you after the game. So it’s pretty cool.”