Thursday’s P.M. Hot Clicks: Kate Dros; Oh god, more Tim Tebow

Thursday’s P.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Kate Dros and OMG, more Tim Tebow
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This Guy Doesn’t Get Enough Publicity

Heard any news recently about any former Jets backup quarterbacks? What’s Brooks Bollinger up to these days? Kellen Clemens won the Chargers’ backup job. Good for him. Oh, and apparently Tim Tebow plays for the Mets now. They’re gonna let him skip practice to do broadcasting for ESPN.

North Korea Seems Great (That Was Sarcasm)

Kim Jong Un has reportedly outlawed sarcasm, even in everyday conversation. 

Seahawks Plotting a Big Statement

Bobby Wagner told the Seattle Times that the Seahawks are going to make sort of statement as a team before Sunday’s game

Kate Dros: P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

Kate Dros is a beautiful model. She’s vegan and she has a cat and two dogs. I almost inserted a gallery of Eric Lindros here by accident. (Click here for the full-size gallery.) (Click here for that Eric Lindros gallery I mentioned.) 

Landon Donovan’s Shocking Comeback

U.S. Soccer legend Landon Donovan is coming back to MLS after two years in retirement. He must really want to prove Jurgen Klinsmann wrong.

My Favorite Tebow Tweet

Just When You Thought Skip Bayless was Scary Enough

By God, He’s Right

Odds & Ends

Our Justin Barrassospoke with CM Punk, who was pretty candid ahead of his UFC debut. ... A shipping company went bankrupt and $14 billion worth of goods are stranded at sea. ... This video of a Pirates prospect and his dad is pretty great. ... The FCC complaints from WWE viewers are just as rich as you’d expect. ... Do you want to watch people tripping on drugs try to build IKEA furniture? Of course you do

Opposite Sides of the Defense, Opposite Musical Tastes

When Does This Come Out?

The Most 70s Clip I’ve Ever Seen

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