Former Brazilian soccer star Denilson ruthlessly mocked his co-host after her team was relegated to the second division. 

By Dan Gartland
December 13, 2016

Usually when you see a sports fan crying after a crushing loss they’re in the stands, not on a television set. 

Brazilian soccer club Internacional lost this weekend and was relegated to the country’s second division. It’s a stunning fall for one of the league’s top teams and fans were understandably gutted. 

Among those mourning the loss was Renata Fan, the host of a sports program on Brazil’s fourth-largest TV network. Fan’s co-host is the former soccer star Denilson, who showed no mercy and mocked Inter until Fan was reduced to tears. 

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Denilson may have gone a bit too far but according to a couple of Reddit commenters, Brazilians are a bit sick of Fan’s over-the-top support of Inter, so don’t expect much sympathy for her down there. 

[via /r/soccer]

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