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Odell Beckham was really touched when he saw a young fan’s reaction to his Christmas present. 

By Dan Gartland
January 02, 2017

Odell Beckham’s best Christmas present was the reaction of one young fan. The Giants receiver was really touched when he saw how excited the kid was to find an Odell Beckham jersey under his tree and decided he wanted to do something special in return.

“When I tell u it's these moments that make everything worth it, the ups and downs of life in general,” Beckham wrote on Instagram. “The drama and unnecessary bs i go through on a daily basis. I just wanna thank God for being able to impact lives, young man get this jersey to me somehow. I'll make sure to sign it for u. Truly truly blessed.”

Sure enough, Beckham was able to meet the kid before Sunday’s game in Washington and make good on his promise to sign the jersey. 

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Beckham takes a lot of heat for some of his on-field antics, but that’s obviously not indicative of his personality. 

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