Chance the Rapper took the Warriors to a trampoline park

This sounds like a ton of fun. 
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Chance the Rapper’s album Coloring Book is the kind of record that makes you want to jump up and down, so of course Chance likes going to trampoline parks. GQ has an interview with Chance where he says he took every member of the Warriors with him on a recent trip to bounce on some trampolines, because the only way that could be more fun is do it with a bunch of NBA players. 

GQ: What’s the most expensive thing you’ve purchased that wasn’t a car or a home?

Chance: For a second, when I first moved back to Chicago from L.A., I had old habits to break. I would buy very, very expensive Ralph Lauren stuff. I got into Polo really heavy. Like, Oh s---, now this is all I do. I have three-to-four-thousand-dollar merino wool sweaters or cashmere sweaters and s---. What I do a lot, that I had to cut out, was I used to take my friends places and spend a lot of money at fun places on some weird kid s---. I recently took, like, 35 of my friends and all of the Golden State Warriors to Sky Zone. Just because they were in town and I like Sky Zone.

GQ: What is Sky Zone?

Chance: It’s one of those indoor trampoline places.

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Those trampoline parks are actually pretty dangerous. It’s fortunate no one was hurt, even though “Kevin Durant injured in trampoline accident with Chance the Rapper” would have been a legendary headline.