Monday’s P.M. Hot Clicks: Franciele Medeiros; The Globe’s ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ moment

The Boston Globe’s unfortunate early edition, Franciele Medeiros and much more in Monday’s P.M. Hot Clicks. 
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Was It All a Dream?


The early edition of the Boston Globe, delivered to subscribers in other parts of the country, gives a peek into what could have been. Similarly, a couple of New York sportswriters published the first drafts of their game stories.

Even More Super Bowl Stuff

AdWeek estimates that Fox earned an extra $20 million when the game went to overtime. The overtime format is flawed, by the way, or at least that’s what this guy at Sporting News says. Tom Brady was brilliant but it was James White who scored the touchdown in overtime, so Brady says White really deserved the MVP award. But even the dramatic finish couldn’t help this Super Bowl top the last three in the ratings

Read This If You Want to Vomit

This guy in Mississippi had a 140-pound tumor that likely started as an ingrown hair. Doctors kept telling him he was just fat. 

Franciele Medeiros: P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

This is Franciele Medeiros, a Brazilian model. Her friends just call her Francy. (Click here for the full-size gallery.) 


This Goes Out to All You Genesis Fans Out There

Odds & Ends

Here’s how people in Ireland are describing the Falcons’ choke job. ... Here’s the worst column to come out of the Super Bowl. (The series of one-sentence paragraphs is my least favorite thing in writing.) ... The end of the Africa Cup of Nations rivaled the Super Bowl finish. ... Nike is making Air Jordan I golf shoes. ... Here’s a video of a kid getting in a fight with a hockey ref. ... And here’s a video of some hockey refs dancing to Sweet Caroline.

That’s Just Embarrassing

Badminton Fight!

Tennis de Table - Top 16 européen : Moment de...

by lequipe

In Case You Missed it Last Night

Maybe That Explains This Meteor in Illinois

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