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Everyone is taking Charles Oakley’s side in his feud with James Dolan. 

By Dan Gartland
February 10, 2017

The Rangers may be the more successful of the two teams James Dolan owns, but that doesn’t mean fans will leave him alone. 

The Rangers played host to the Predators Thursday night at the Garden, the night after Knicks legend Charles Oakley was hauled out of the building in cuffs following an incident with security that started because of Oakley’s longstanding feud with Dolan. New Yorkers, united in their disdain for the wannabe bluesman, made their voices heard during Thursday night’s game. 

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The thought is nice, but that’s such a lousy chant. Why not add Oakley’s first name to fit the four-syllable cadence? Knicks fans better get it right when they play the Nuggets Friday night. 

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