Chris Christo /The Boston Herald via AP, Pool

No, ma’am, this is a murder trial.

By Dan Gartland
February 17, 2017

Jury selection continued Friday in Aaron Hernandez’s second murder trial and one prospective juror was excused after she mixed up Deflategate and the 2012 double murder Hernandez is accused of committing. 

“I heard something about Deflategate, but that’s it,” the woman said when asked if she was familiar with the case, according to the Boston Herald. 

“No, Deflategate has nothing to do with this,” the judge replied as the courtroom erupted in laughter. The blunder made even Hernandez chuckle, the Herald’s Bob McGovern reported. 

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It isn’t entirely outrageous for the woman to link Hernandez and Deflategate. His first murder trial began less than two weeks after that infamous game against the Colts. 

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