San Diego Stoners, Footy McFooty Face among potential names for San Diego MLS team

Something tells me fans are going to have some fun with this.
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As far as potential MLS expansion cities go, San Diego is pretty far down the list—St. Louis, Sacramento and Miami are far more likely to get a team in the near future. 

But I like what's going on in San Diego. I really, really like it. 

The ownership group SoccerCity SD, which now includes Landon Donovan, is trying to involve fans as much as possible. The group has promised to leave key franchise decisions up to a fan vote, including the team's name. 

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The group released 50 potential names for the franchise and, some of them are absolutely hilarious. 

Here is a selection of some of the best.

Cerveza San Diego 

Yep, that means beer. 

San Diego Bad Hombres

Take that, Mr. President. 

Footy McFooty Face

An homage to this internet masterpiece.

San Diego Chargers


San Diego Classy

You stay classy, San Diego. 

San Diego Conquistadors

Gotta think this team would perform pretty well on the road.

San Diego Stoners

Weed was legalized in California last November. 

Before we indulge ourselves with the thought of a team called Footy McFooty Face taking the field, look at the fine print; the winning name will have to be submitted to MLS for approval, so we're probably going to end up with a generic name like San Diego United or San Diego City.

Let's enjoy this while it lasts.