Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: Brhitney Decamps; Knicks dysfunction claims another victim

Carmelo Anthony and La La's relationship pays the price for the Knicks' dysfunction. 
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What's the opposite of the Midas touch?

Because everything associated with the Knicks is utter trash, Carmelo Anthony and his wife have reportedly split up. (TMZ says the fact that the Knicks are a monumental disaster played a part in the split.) This is important because La La's career was reportedly the reason why Melo would only accept a trade to a major media market. This isn't the first time the Anthonys have separated, either. In 2013 they broke up for a bit, leading to Kevin Garnett's infamous cereal-themed trash talk. That reminds me, it might be a good time to dig through all the trash talk in KG's old Twitter account

That'll cost you

Grizzlies head coach David Fizdale is going to get fined after this postgame rant about the officiating in Monday night's loss to the Spurs. It culminated in this instant classic line. 

Throw away your PS4 right now

The PS4 is apparently a magnet for cockroaches.

Lovely Lady of the Day

I'll be honest, I picked Brhitney Decamps only because she spells her name a weird way. She's also apparently dating Jim Harbaugh's son. (Click here for the full-size gallery.)

Edge of your seat action

All four NHL playoff games last night went to overtime. Here are all the game-winning goals:

Kevin Fiala for Nashville

Bobby Ryan for Ottawa

Corey Perry for Anaheim

Tyler Bozak for Toronto

The mood in Washington is... not great. 

Not their strong suits...

Well. It's descriptive.

Odds & Ends

Big ups to the Boston Marathon spectators for coming up with these clever signs. ... The connection between The Beach Boys and Charles Manson. ... I really want to like Adam Jones (the football player, not the baseball player) but blowing up at a reporter like this is just not a good look. ... Whoa, there's a Stranger Things episode on the new MST3K? ... Our guide to the best men's running shoes right now ... This save by Pekka Rinne is out of this world. ... I can't stop watching this video of the whole damn ring collapsing last night on WWE Raw

Ever wonder how you cross the street during a marathon?

I was once late to work because the South American heritage parade down Fifth Avenue had a much less efficient procedure. 

Who says engineers are nerds?

A good song

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