Five NFL players we want to see follow Jay Cutler and Tony Romo into the booth

By Jimmy Traina
May 05, 2017

Tony Romo and Jay Cutler are going straight from the playing field and into the broadcast booth. It was announced Friday that Cutler will be paired with Kevin Burkhardt on FOX's No. 2 crew, while Romo locked up a deal to become CBS' lead analyst a few weeks ago.

The former quarterbacks have no broadcasting experience, so nobody knows what to expect from either of them when they get behind a microphone. We hope networks continue this trend of putting players in the booth immediately after they walk away from the game. 

Here are five players we'd love to see call NFL games when they hang up their jerseys.

1. Marshawn Lynch, running back, Raiders: We love the unpredictability Lynch would bring to a telecast. Given his disdain for speaking to the media, we're not even sure he would speak during a telecast, but that will only add to the intrigue. If he did speak, we're sure he'd be completely unfiltered, which is what viewers want. Plus, after seeing Beast Mode play Mortal Combat on Conan, we know he has a fun personality and can analyze a game. 

2. Rob Gronkowski, tight end, Patriots: Speaking of fun personalities, how can you not love the idea of Gronk in the booth? Sure, the network censors will have to have their finger on the dump button at all times since the possibility of a 69 joke will always be there, but we think Gronk can control himself. Here's the rub with Gronk, though: He might be the best tight end to ever play the game. And he's learned from Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. That means he can bring something other than goofiness and antics to a broadcast. He can actually teach us something, too.

3. Travis Kelce, tight end, Chiefs: NFL refs are horrible. Fans know this and get frustrated when announcers constantly gloss over this or refuse to drop the hammer after a bad call. Kelce won't. This man THREW A PENALTY FLAG AT A REFEREE!

He also said a ref didn't deserve to work at Foot Locker. We'd love to hear him analyze a game when the refs are screwing everything up. Kelce also starred in a reality show where he dated 50 women, one from each state. Clearly, that means he's a little out there. That's a bonus for someone we have to listen to for three hours each Sunday. Kelce definitely would not be the cookie cutter analyst.

4. Cam Newton, quarterback, Panthers: We couldn't care less about Newton's ability to call a game. We just want to see what he'd wear each Sunday. One of the highlights each Sunday is to see what crazy outfit Newton wears to his postgame press conference. We don't want to be denied that treat after he retires, so we need him on TV somewhere.

5. Chris Long, defensive end, Eagles: Long is intelligent, articulate and one of the funniest athletes on Twitter. He's a Super Bowl champion. His dad, Howie, has been on FOX's NFL pregame show forever. That's a perfect resume for a future broadcaster.

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