Spurs fan files idiotic lawsuit against Zaza Pachulia for injuring Kawhi Leonard

Spurs fans aren’t overreacting at all.
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Spurs fans are definitely reacting rationally to Kawhi Leonard’s injury. Wait, what’s that? A San Antonio man has filed a lawsuit against Zaza Pachulia and the Warriors for their role in injuring Leonard’s ankle? 

Spurs fan Juan Vasquez and the unnamed owner of a San Antonio sports memorabilia shop filed the lawsuit Tuesday and it’s just as absurd as you’d expect. 

The suit, signed by six attorneys from two different firms, seeks a temporary restraining order against Pachulia, claiming his “dirty” play devalued season tickets and Spurs memorabilia. 

The suit quotes at length from Gregg Popovich’s Monday rant about Pachulia’s controversial closeout in which he likened the play to manslaughter. It also contains nauseating passages like this: 

The national media has never truly appreciated the refined excellence and the wholesome team concept that the San Antonio Spurs have represented over the last decade or so under the leadership of its capable, responsible, and beloved owners and its legendary head coach, Coach Greg Popovich. Accordingly, the national media almost unanimously predicted the Golden State Warriors would prevail in the best of 7 series of the NBA Western Conference Finals. ESPN’s online experts predicated unanimously, 22-0, that the Spurs would lose to the Warriors. The Spurs nevertheless summoned their inner strength and bolted to a commanding lead in the game.

Yuck. I hope the Warriors sweep the series and the lawsuit gets laughed out of court by a judge.