Paul Pierce’s latest technology flub: exposing some random woman’s phone number

Someone please teach Paul Pierce how to use his phone. 
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Paul Pierce’s first activity in retirement should be attending a continuing ed class where he learns to use his damn phone. 

Pierce’s struggles with technology have been well-documented but he still hasn’t learned. The mistake he made Friday is perhaps his most baffling, though. 

Pierce was watching FS1’s Undisputed (his first mistake) and took issue with Nick Wright’s LeBron vs. MJ take, so he tweeted about it. For whatever reason, he also attached an image, a screenshot of a woman’s contact information. (Pierce deleted the tweet but nothing is ever truly deleted.)


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Why even attach an image in the first place? The re-do he sent a few minutes later didn’t have one. I don’t even know how you would go about accidentally adding an image to a tweet, since the photo selector goes away once the keyboard pops up. The Truth is truly an innovator in the field of smartphone incompetence.