This is nothing short of a miracle. 

By Dan Gartland
May 30, 2017

The protective nature of racecars was on full display this weekend.

In Sunday’s Indy 500, Scott Dixon went airborne into a wall and walked away without a scratch, but what happened the night before in a small Iowa town was even more miraculous. 

During sprint car racing at Knoxville Raceway, Alan Zoutte’s car went soaring into the air after he bumped another driver while going into a turn. The car cleared the wall and smashed through the advertising billboards above before landing mere feet from N. Lincoln Street. Improbably, Zoutte climbed out of the wreckage unaided. 

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Even more unbelievably, Zoutte’s father did the same thing 44 years ago. I wonder if he, like Zoutte, compared the sensation of the crash to riding “down a hill in a tractor tire.”

​The two racecars weren’t the only vehicles damaged in the wreck. A tractor trailer passing by on the adjacent street ended up with a smashed windshield. 


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