Who knew dryer lint sculptures were a thing?

By Dan Gartland
June 07, 2017

Here is a thing that has been public knowledge since at least last year, though that does not make it any less disquieting: There is a woman in Cleveland who creates sculptures of LeBron James made out of dryer lint

Yeah. Sure. Whatever. Here’s what this year’s version looks like. 

The lighting in Adande’s photo doesn’t really do it justice. The sculpture is actually a dead ringer for LeBron, perfectly capturing his—wait, hang on a second, who’s that other lint sculpture behind him?

That’s totally Cam Newton. The color scheme is right, he’s wearing Cam’s signature beanie and you can even see the NFL crest on his collar if you zoom in far enough. I much prefer this athlete sculpture trend to the nauseating meat assemblages of the past

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