Thursday's Hot Clicks: Claudia Jovanovski; How nepotism led to Chris Paul's departure from L.A.

In Thursday's Hot Clicks, we look at the Chris Paul-Doc Rivers relationship and a feature on the lovely Claudia Jovanovski.
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Why Chris Paul "despises" Doc Rivers


In the biggest move of the NBA offseason so far, Chris Paul was traded to the Houston Rockets. It's a little surprising because Paul has become the face of the Clippers, but not that surprising because Jerry West was just hired and change was inevitable. I did not, however, realize how bad the relationship between Paul and Doc Rivers had become, and how much Paul "despises" Doc for blatantly favoring his son. Austin later responded and said it's all fiction.

Confirmed: Tom Ricketts and Ted Cruz are different people

Back in November, we wrote about how much Cubs owner Tom Ricketts looks like Ted Cruz. The two finally met face-to-face, a photo was taken and we have undeniable proof they are two different people.

One reason to visit Atlanta

The Hawks are renovating Phillips Arena and plans include a courtside bar, social club, barber shop overlooking the action and "swing suites" with Top Golf simulators in them.  

Lovely Lady of the Day

Claudia Jovanovski is the girl I am featuring as Lovely Lady of the Day. I am running low on LLOD blurb creativity today (click for full-size gallery).

​Best and worst iPhone predictions on its 10th anniversary

"The iPhone may challenge some Treo, Windows Mobile, and Symbian (mostly Nokia) products, but its hardly a threat to BlackBerry." - Steve Ballmer

You've been warned

Fecal bacteria has been found in iced drinks from Starbucks.

​Hot Clicks Giveaway

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​James Brown goes on diet

Chris Paul in Rockets uniform

Odds & ends

It's "Where are They Now" week at SI and if you haven't read our stories on Clinton Portis, Allen Iverson and Vince Young, try and do so this weekend ... The Albert Almora/middle finger incident seems much ado about nothing ... MLB gave this Blue Jays fan a lifetime ban for throwing beer at at player ... The FBI is investigating the 2021 track world championships being awarding to Eugene, Oregon ... Lance Stephenson and Isaiah Thomas are battling for Paul George (on Instagram) ...  Fantastic work by the Trail Blazers social media department on the "cash considerations" trade ... An umpire saved a woman from falling off a bridge near PNC Park ... All you need to know about the Rihanna-Naomi Campbell feud ... A Japanese budget airline made a disabled passenger crawl onto a plane.

Tebow goes yard

Klay Thompson is loving China

This made me laugh

Very important sports achievement

Pugs are the best

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