Brad Wing: Nicki Minaj shouts out Giants punter - Sports Illustrated

Nicki Minaj promised to shout out Brad Wing and actually followed through

Ah, the classic shoutout to the punter. 
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What does a Venn diagram of Nicki Minaj fans and people who know Brad Wing look like?

Nicki is a world famous rapper with countless millions of fans around the world. Wing is the punter for the Giants. 

But Nicki is a Giants fan and Wing is a Nicki fan, which led this little moment of serendipity earlier this month. Wing posted a video of himself working out to Nicki’s music and she responded in a comment that he’d be getting a shoutout in her new track due out on the 30th. 

Sure enough, when her song “Skrt on Me” with Calvin Harris dropped on Friday, she had a line about Wing. 

Brad was feeling it. 


It’s a good thing Wing beat out Steve Weatherford for the punting job a few years ago. It’d be hard to squeeze his name into a bar.