The summer of Steph continues as he chugs beers at a late-night party in Rhode Island

By Jon Tayler
August 01, 2017

The Summer of Steph continues apace. A day or so after video emerged of Warriors superstar Steph Curry mocking LeBron James' workout dance at the wedding of former teammate Harrison Barnes (to the eyebrow-raising amusement of Kyrie Irving), TMZ dug up video of Curry and Hawks forward Kent Bazemore crashing a house party in Rhode Island and indulging their inner 20-year-old by pounding Bud Lights.

According to TMZ, Curry, Bazemore and three other folks stumbled into the party the night of Barnes' wedding around 2 a.m. and proceeded to join the fun by chugging some beers, though by the looks of his stained shirt, Curry's drinking form needs a lot of work.

Party-goers told TMZ that Curry and Bazemore hung out for roughly 30–45 minutes before leaving. Whether they embraced the college mindset of trying to find yet another party after that remains unknown.

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