Traina Thoughts: Once More -- Colin Kaepernick Did Not Affect NFL Ratings

Data shows NFL ratings were down because of election, not Colin Kaepernick.
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1. Last week, I wrote about ESPN trying to spin a ridiculous poll into proof that the NFL lost tons of viewers because Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem throughout the season. Of course, the people who don't want to believe actual statistics -- such as, before the November election, NFL ratings were down 14% and then after the election, NFL ratings were down 1% -- refused to grasp the concept of numbers and facts. So, on this week's "Off The Board" podcast, I once again tried to explain, with a little more detail, how Kaepernick had little to no impact on the ratings. Before you send me an ignorant tweet telling me millions of fans stopped watching the NFL because of Kaep, listen to what I say on the podcast and try to consume the facts.

If you are not interested in listening to anymore talk about Kaepernick, do not fret. Kaepernick talk only takes up the first seven minutes of the podcast. After that, I'm joined by gambling guru, Todd Fuhrman, Fuhrman, who currently runs, which does a tremendous job covering all things betting, used to be an oddsmaker at Caesar's in Las Vegas.

We talked about what that job was like, the age he started betting, do's and don'ts for people who wager, the battle between Vegas and offshore sportsbooks, his worse gambling loss ever, whether you should bet teasers and parlays, Mayweather vs. McGregor, crazy prop bets offered online and much more. 

You can download the podcast on iTunes (PLEASE subscribe and review), on SoundCloud and on Stitcher or listen below.

2. Once more: The NFL is doing just fine in the United States of America.

3. One of the good things about having an NFL game last night is that it meant the return of Jimmy Fallon's "Superlatives."

4. The Rock, being the great guy that he is, shared a drawing that a young fan made for him via Twitter yesterday. Am I nuts or does The People's Champ look like Sloth from Goonies?

5. The Jacksonville Jaguars are in midseason form.

6. Bucs quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has to be developing a complex because he seems to be the go-to guy when NFL players want to name a bad QB that's still in the NFL.

7. One of the all-time greatest brawls in Major League Baseball history took place on this date in 1993.

8. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: I've said this many times before and I'll say it again: Gillberg was WAY more entraining than Bill Goldberg ever was.