Monday's Hot Clicks: Kiana Clay; Rounding Up a Wild Week 4 in the NFL

In Monday's Hot Clicks, we round up all the Week 4 NFL action. Plus a look at the lovely Kiana Clay.
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NFL Round-Up


Week 4 is in the books and Peter King has a wrap-up of everything in MMQB. Other items of note: Players and teams who protested the national anthem ... Cam Newton celebrated a touchdown with a raised fist, then yelled at reporters after the game ... ​Marshawn Lynch's T-shirt made quite a political statement ... The Giants are terrible but at least ​Odell Beckham Jr. is tough ... The tanking Jets don't appear to be tanking ... ​The Chargers in L.A. experiment continues to fail ... Both Antonio Brown and Philip Rivers threw epic temper tantrums ...Terrell Suggs's Bane mask entrance was interesting ... I don't understand JuJu Smith-Schuster's touchdown celebration ... The Raiders' fake punt went horribly wrong.

O.J. is free, and already being salty with reporters

O.J. Simpson was released from prison over the weekend and it didn't take long for a reporter to ask him how it feels to be out. His 'Nowhere, USA' response made me laugh, which is tough to do at 6:14 a.m.

The NBA's best passer

If you haven't seen Clippers guard Milos Teodosic in action yet, you're in for a treat.

Lovely Lady of the Day

We are making Hot Clicks history today with our first even police officer/LLOD. Her name is Kiana Clay and she is a recent University of Arizona grad, where she studied Criminal Justice. Congrats, Kiana (click for full-size gallery).

Wrestling meets MMA

There's a lot of overlap between MMA and pro wrestling, whether it's Brock Lesnar winning the UFC and WWE heavyweight championship or Ronda Rousey squaring off with Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 31. But I've never seen a MMA fighter use a pro wrestler's finishing maneuver during a fight, that is until Jonno Mears busted our Chris Jericho's Walls of Jericho to win via submission.

I don't understand the Jaromir Jagr tweet, but it's tremendous

There's a cat, a bunch of $20s and a bottle of tequila. I guess that means he may play this year?

Kurt Cobain's daughter is getting paid

Frances Bean Cobain receives $95,496/month for her dad's publicity rights. Smells like a good deal. 

Ric Flair cleat tribute

This is incredible

Odds & Ends

Keith Hernandez finally got promoted to a national spot ... College football's best alternate uniforms from the weekend ... Rick Pitino believes he “will be vindicated."​ Speaking of, Tim Layden wrote a great piece on the brewing Pitino scandal ... Here's way more than you care to see of Tiki and Ronde Barber ...  Alabama pounded Ole Miss, then threw more shade thanks to a Dire Straits song ... This would scare me if I were a Sixers fan ... Two of my friends in the SI newsroom wrote an ode to Havarti cheese ... Taylor Swift, U2 and other albums to look forward to this fall ... Someone vandalized Hugh Hefner’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star ... Dunkin Donuts is now selling beer.

Jay Cutler gives zero you-know-whats

The 3-1 Bills have reason to celebrate

Joel Embiid dance party

Reason 873 I could never play football

Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams sing Badlands

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