In Wednesday's Hot Clicks, we look at the biggest Sports Turkeys of 2018. Plus a feature on the lovely Sarah Stephens.

By Andy Gray
November 22, 2017

Sports Turkeys of the Year

Happy day-before-Thanksgiving. Since many have asked, there will be a fresh Hot Clicks tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, take a second and check out our Biggest Sports Turkeys of 2017. The list includes Nike's NBA jerseys that keep breaking, the soccer player who thanked his wife and girlfriend after winning a race, Miami's cocaine-sniffing former coordinator and much more. When you're done with that, be sure to check out Jimmy's ranking of Top 10 Thanksgiving foods and our handy guide to talking sports (and not politics) at your family dinner.

Ray Allen gets catfished

I have no idea why a guy would go online, pretend to be multiple women and flirt with a NBA star, but here we are. I do love Ray Allen and am surprised to see him caught up in this fiasco.

Justin Verlander has a nice life right now

As if marrying a SI Swimsuit legend wasn't enough, the Astros ace just purchased a car worth more than all our yearly salaries.

Australian model Sarah Stephens stopped by the SI office for a swimsuit casting. Will she make the issue? Find out in February. Meanwhile she is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Today in Lavar Ball news

Lakers coach Luke Walton said he's not upset about criticism from the NBA's most annoying father. Donald Trump, on the other hand, had some words for LaVar in an early-morning Twitter rant.

World's 10 highest-paid models

I hope Tom Brady and family can squeak by now that Gisele is No. 2.

Which alcohol makes you feel sexiest?

We're covering all the big topics in today's Hot Clicks!

Kirk Cousins makes funny Twitter joke

I want one of these

Important fast food content here

Odds & Ends

I want these counterfeit Jordans with the big butt Jumpman logo ... Blake Griffin celebrated the Clippers loss to the Knicks by partying at a club with supermodels ... Klay Thompson's local cameo on a NYC news feature about scaffolding is tremendous ... I love stories of rich athletes driving crappy cars ... Jeremy Roenick had quite the battle with a rattlesnake in his garage ... This Wisconsin bar lost a lot of money because the Packers can't score ... Gabby Douglas says she was also abused by her Team USA's doctor ... Meat pie looks gross, especially at a NBA game ... MLB came down hard on the Braves for their shady international signings ... Peter King has thoughts on the 2018 Hall of Fame semifinalists ... Jerry Jones has decided not to sue the NFL ... David Cassidy passed away. Here's a look at his best songs ... HBO's Game of Thrones hacker has been identified.

So you're saying there's a chance

There goes the Madden rating

Oldie but a goodie

Samantha Hoopes is irresistible

Behind the Sounds: That's Not Me

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