Wednesday's Hot Clicks: Kara Del Toro; Two Hockey Fans Get Married in Best Wedding Ever

In Wednesday's Hot Clicks, we praise two hockey fans and their amazing wedding.
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A very hockey wedding

What happens when two enormous hockey fans—one for the Bruins, the other for the Canucks—get married? They wear hockey jerseys at the ceremony, encourage their guests to do the same, and celebrate at a venue called The Dirty Jersey Sports Bar & Grill, which just happened to be hosting wing night. And, of course, everyone attends a minor league hockey game. Seriously, I've been to about 200 weddings in the past few years, and none have been anything close to as great as this one. Moral of the story: Hockey fans rule.

Not sure what to say about this one

An Ohio youth basketball team was suspended for the remainder of its season for offensive words and phrases on its jerseys.

Tony Boselli does not like Chris Simms

Jaguars alumni will not stand for anyone trashing their quarterback.

I finally met Kara Del Toro when she came by the office for a SI Swimsuit casting, and she was super cool. Not bad looking either. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Five ridiculous moments from Jon Gruden’s introductory press conference with the Raiders

How has Jon Gruden never met Marshawn Lynch before?

Poor Eric Clapton

This one is just sad. Eric Clapton spoke with BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday and admitted that he's going deaf and has peripheral neuropathy, which makes it hard to play guitar. The 71-year-old still has a gig at Hyde Park in July, but it doesn't look like there'll be many more after that.

Just a small pay disparity

The creators of the upcoming film All the Money in the World decided to recast and re-shoot all the scenes with Kevin Spacey, replacing him with Christopher Plummer. Mark Wahlberg was compensated handsomely for the re-shoots. His co-star, Michelle Williams, not so much.

Think he's an Alabama fan

Happy Retirement, Dubs

Odds & Ends

Listen to all the calls of Alabama's championship-winning play and tell me Sean McDonough's wasn't the best ... This guy was about to score an NBA contract until he was sued for giving his partner herpes ... Cole Beasley released a rap single, and it isn't completely terrible ... Can't say enough good things about Gerald Green and his work with Houston hurricane victims ... Don't be surprised if you hear some 'Nick Saban to Giants' rumors ... You can now own Rory McIlroy's ridiculously large Florida mansion ... A college hoops player who is responsible for sexual misconduct against two women is somehow still playing ... ​Paul Maurice ripped Sharks players after they complained about having to play in Winnipeg​ ... A meteorologist had some fun with the world's most annoying song ... Hackers tried to obtain financial pass codes and other information for the upcoming Olympics ... Hollywood is really bad at casting the lead in sports movies ... How smart was this person to buy the URL?

Miami and Toronto had a crazy game

Life of a rookie

Blake Griffin is in a new movie and it looks really good

Tom vs. Time

Still bummed about Eric Clapton news

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