The Super Bowl LII ratings are good or bad depending on your point of view.

By Jimmy Traina
February 06, 2018

1. The Super Bowl LII ratings came out Monday and 103.4 million people watched the Eagles beat the Patriots.

Since one of the main themes of this past NFL season has been the league's ratings and popularity, this number can be spun in either direction.

If you are someone who is offended by players who have taken a knee during the national anthem and you want to prove the league is dying because of it, your spin is easy. The ratings for the game were down 7% from last year's game. It was also the lowest rated Super Bowl since 2009. It's pretty cut and dry for that side.

If you're someone who thinks the league is going through a natural decline after reaching its peak and has several issues (cord cutting, streaming) that don't have anything to do with players kneeling, you can easily put the ratings, while down, in perspective.

For example, Super Bowl LII was the 10th most-watched show in the history of television.

1. 114.4 Million – Super Bowl XLIX, NBC (Feb. 2015)
2. 112.2 Million – Super Bowl XLVIII, FOX (Feb. 2014)
3. 111.9 Million – Super Bowl 50, CBS (Feb. 2016)
4. 111.3 Million – Super Bowl XLVI, NBC (Feb. 2012)
5. 111.3 Million – Super Bowl LI, FOX (Feb. 2017)
6. 111.0 Million – Super Bowl XLV, FOX (Feb. 2011)
7. 108.7 Million – Super Bowl XLVII, CBS (Feb. 2013)
8. 106.5 Million – Super Bowl XLIV, CBS (Feb. 2010)
9. 106.0 Million – M.A.S.H. Finale, CBS (Feb. 1983)
10. 103.4 Million – Super Bowl LII, NBC (Last night’s game)

Seven of the top 10 and 37 of the top 50 TV broadcast of 2017 were NFL games.'s>

There's also this nugget.

Hopefully, no matter which side you are on, you can just use basic facts and common sense to understand the league is dealing with declining ratings (fact), but it still generates massive and impressive ratings (fact). It's really not that difficult of a concept to grasp.

2. If the NFL wants to go back to getting a ratings bump, Brent Musburger knows how to make it happen.

3. In yesterday's Traina Thoughts, I wrote about Cris Collinsworth's bad performance calling Super Bowl LII. It seems that a player who actually played in the game agreed with my take.

4. Whichever Cavaliers player said this about the DeAndre Jordan trade rumors should put his name to it because it's a phenomenal quote.

5. Comedian, podcaster and Patriots fan, Bill Burr, was on Conan last night and his pain was our pleasure.

6. Missed this last week, but Eagles wideout Alshon Jeffery gave the best interview of Super Bowl week.

7. Good Morning Football host, Kyle Brandt, documented his Super Bowl Sunday and the result is this great video.

8. Here is a compilation of calls from everywhere of the Nick Foles touchdown catch. Kevin Harlan's was outstanding as were the ones from ESPN Brazil and Puls4 Australia.

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