Monday’s Hot Clicks: Aaron Rodgers Shows Why He Deserved His Record-Setting Contract

Aaron Rodgers leads Packers to crazy comeback win over Bears after returning from injury, proving he deserved his giant contract extension.
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Aaron Rodgers proves why he deserves every penny

I would say that what Aaron Rodgers did Sunday night was unbelievable—fighting off what appeared to be at least a semi-serious knee injury to lead a comeback after being down 20–0 at halftime—but it’s exactly the kind of performance we’ve come to expect from Rodgers. He hasn’t racked up the championships other great quarterbacks have but he may easily be the most talented QB in the history of the NFL.

Last night showed exactly why the Packers made him the highest-paid player in NFL history. He’s the best player at the most important position in the NFL, with the ability to change the outcome of every game. If he played in a sport without a salary cap, like baseball, he’d probably be paid double what he gets now. But not if he played for the cheap-ass Marlins. 

Before Rodgers came back into the game, former Marlins president David Samson tweeted that he was “worried” about the Rodgers extension and that it reminded him of the five-year, $125 million deal given to former Phillies slugger Ryan Howard. Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich, who was traded by the Marlins because they didn’t want to pay him, disagreed.

While Samson was fired by Derek Jeter before the Yelich trade (and the rest of Miami’s roster destruction), Yelich still makes a good point. Teams—in all sports—are incredibly reluctant to pay full market value for their best players. Do you think any Raiders fans watched Khalil Mack terrorize the Packers last night and commended their team for being fiscally responsible? (No.) Do you think Steelers fans aren’t thinking right now that they probably would have beaten the Browns—the Browns!—if they had the most dangerous running back in the NFL on the field? Concussions and kneeling for the anthem and cord-cutters aren’t as threatening to future of the NFL as every team in the league becoming the Marlins.

Homecoming queen and football hero

Kaylee Brown, a senior at Ocean Springs High School in Mississippi, was named homecoming queen before her school’s game against George County. Then she changed into her football pads and scored more than half of her team’s points.

Brown kicked two field goals in regulation and the game-winning extra point in a 13–12 overtime victory. 

She’ll play soccer next year at Division-II Mississippi College.

Oh no, Kirk

Remember Kirk Cousins’s lame and nonsensical catchphrase “You like that!”? Now that he’s playing in Minnesota he’s come up with a fresh and innovative twist on the old classic. Cousins has filed for a trademark on the phrase “You Vike that!”

The NFL apppears to be opposing the application, though, so Vikings fans will have to buy their You Vike That coffee mugs straight from the league. 

Bits & Pieces

The Canadiens traded captain Max Pacioretty to Las Vegas late last night. ... The Australian government is testing why an orange a kid ate for a snack turned purple. ... Auburn receiver Will Hastings played this weekend, less than six months after tearing his ACL. ... Lamar Jackson got a $100,000 chain made of his awesome touchdown run against Syracuse. ... The soccer team in Las Vegas invited 200 fans onto the field at halftime to catch $5,000 in cash that was dropped from a helicopter.

Mark Sanchez influence was not lost on Mitchell Trubisky last year

Trubisky knew this was coming four years ago

I hope people never stop dunking on this guy

A one of a kind souvenir

Jeff Bridges wishes he looked this chill

Cam’s outfit is pretty fresh

But the cleats are outrageously corny

Ah, the Yinzer mullet

Easy mistake to make

Saints-Falcons is an underrated rivalry

What a moment for these guys

This was Aaron Rodgers’s best throw of the night

Comeback SZN

Andrew Bynum, rocking a more orthodox haircut than the last time we saw him, is working out with the goal of coming back to the NBA.

Arts and crafts time

He makes a good point

A good song

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