Friday’s Hot Clicks: Shirtless J.R. Smith Makes His Triumphant Return After Browns Beat Jets

The Browns winning a single game is basically the same as the Cavs winning a championship. Just ask shirtless J.R. Smith, who made another appearance in Cleveland. 
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A single Browns win is essentially a championship

Finally, after 635 days of losing the Browns have won a football game—and it’s all thanks to Baker Mayfield. The No. 1 pick came in for a concussed Tyrod Taylor at the end of the first half and led Cleveland back from a 14–0 deficit against the Jets. The scene was utter pandemonium in Cleveland, where fans raced to claim the free beer that was finally unlocked by their good friends at Anheuser-Busch InBev. 

Meanwhile, at FirstEnergy Stadium, Cavs guard J.R. Smith celebrated the only way he knows how—without a shirt. J.R. promised before the game that if the Browns pulled out the win he would rip off his shirt, just like he did at the Cavs’ championship parade in 2016. 

Don’t celebrate too much, though, Cleveland. The new Baker Mayfield-led era of Browns prosperity may not be upon us just yet. Hue Jackson is still thinking about starting Tyrod next week

Baker Mayfield can do it all

It looks even cooler from the stands:

Does that look familiar to any Oklahoma fans? It’s not exactly the same play the Sooners ran in the Rose Bowl against Georgia but they both end with Mayfield catching the ball in the end zone. 

Your Mayfield Fever symptoms may actually be rabies

Shouldn’t the guy extracting the possum be some kind of professional and not just a guy with a mustache in a schmedium shirt?

Bits & Pieces

Sad news for Richard Jefferson, whose father was killed in a drive-by shooting. ... People started bleeding from their nose and ears after the pilots “forgot” to pressurize the cabin on a flight in India. ... More official team social media accounts are run by women than you probably think. ... An Alabama woman got a very rude surprise on her burger receipt. ... Every new development Amazon makes to the Alexa makes me terrified. ... A police department in California is launching a podcast to try to find a murderer

Andy Reid has always been a badass

Never change, Zlatan

I see nothing wrong with this


Every summer the Boston and New York media play a baseball game against each other during a Yankees-Red Sox series. This year’s game was yesterday afternoon, before the finale at Yankee Stadium. Associated Press editor Jake Seiner broke his arm merely by pitching. It makes me scared to ever pick up a baseball again. 

[places hand over heart]

This stat is totally insane

Well this is weird

Yankees announcer John Sterling and Red Sox announcer Joe Castiglione switched booths for an inning and the timing was perfect for Sterling. 

And you thought Randy Moss went too far

What a screamer!

Conor McGregor did Conor McGregor things at his press conference yesterday

Hey, let me get a bite?

Busy day for this guy

Francisco Arcia of the Angels is the first MLB player ever to pitch, catch and homer in the same game.

Nature is too scary


A good song

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