Monday’s Hot Clicks: The Red Sox Sang ‘New York, New York’ During Their Clubhouse Celebration

The Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is 100% back.
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The Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is 100% back


The Red Sox just won their fourth World Series of the past 14 years, but it seems like what Boston cares about most is that the Yankees didn’t win their first since 2009. How else would you explain the fairly robust “Yankees suck” chants that broke out at Fenway Park during Game 1 and last night in Los Angeles?

The Red Sox players got in on the Yankees hate, too. You might remember Aaron Judge playing Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” as he walked out of Fenway after the Yankees’ Game 2 victory in the ALDS. Well, Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez spent much of last night’s celebration walking around with a bluetooth speaker on his shoulder and the Sinatra song the Yankees play after every game made it onto the playlist.

If the Yankees are still on the Red Sox’ minds three weeks after the end of the ALDS, I think that can only mean one thing. Boston knows its biggest rival is going to make it really hard to repeat as champs. 

The Red Sox are World Series champs again

As I correctly predicted, the Red Sox won the World Series in five games over the Dodgers. Steve Pearce, cast off by the Blue Jays in June, is your MVP after hitting three homers in the series (two in the final game). 

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Around the sports world

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Allowing celebrations is the best thing the NFL ever did

I don’t think this question is rhetorical

I honestly think Rondo might have made the right call by passing up the easy two there. If he lays it up, the Lakers are down one and fouling to stop the clock. If the Spurs shooter makes both (the most likely outcome for an NBA shooter), it’s back to a three-point game and the Lakers don’t have a timeout to advance the ball to the frontcourt. 

It’ll be tough to top this costume

Yes, even Mitchell Trubisky’s Mike Ditka can’t compete

This is what it’s all about

This story had my favorite twist of the weekend

Everyone loved the story of the Florida State fan who took off his shirt and cracked open a book (Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places, to be exact) as the Seminoles suffered their worst home loss in school history. It turns out he’s actually an FSU professor, which makes it all that much better.

I think more press conferences should include fart noises

What a reunion

Not sports

A YouTube scientist was forced to abandon his attempt to spend three days in a plastic cube after just 15 hours. ... I can definitely get behind this dismissal of scary movies. ... The new Queen movie is getting very mixed reviews

That viral photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito in the most ungodly way was not actually Justin Bieber

Tough to believe this came out four years ago

A good song

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